(Creative) My Music

I consider myself a Music Technologist. I love music and computers,  especially combining the two. I have been able to perform for many concerts, including, but not limited to:
ComedySportz Boise – Comedy Improv,
The Society – Comedy Improv,
Comic Frenzy – Comedy Improv,
Improvised Piano Concerts,
Academy of Comedy – Comedy Improv,
Improv on Broadway,
Concerts in Smith Park,
and more…

I am also an accompanist, having accompanied many performers with their vocal and/or instrumental recitals.

If you are interested in having me come perform a concert or at your wedding/reception, or if you need an accompanist, don’t hesitate to contact/follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

The Society

I had the opportunity to perform with The Society, a Comedy Improv group, where as part of the performance we created full Musical improvisations. This is one example called “Rexburg Love.”

Improv Performances

I taught Improv Piano courses on campus at Brigham Young University-Idaho and as part of those courses we did performances. In these performances we would take suggestions from the audience, such as “3 Notes” or an emotion, and then create an improvised song based on the suggestion. The following video shows one of the performances where we got a suggestion and had two improvisers (myself and Tamesha Udu) create one song on two pianos.


This was my first CD – an emotional exploration, bringing an element of Improv that brings out emotions in a different way.

Gedeborg Family Christmas – 1988

This was a family Christmas project when I was 4 years old. You can hear the music (if you can bear the cuteness) of the whole family.

Inspirational Quotes set to Epic Music

My wife wanted some motivation to wake up in the mornings, so I came up this idea to combine music with inspirational quotes, and it did help us gain more motivation.