(Unity, C#, Web App) Baby Announcement Game

I entered an Indie Game Making Contest with this entry of a Baby Announcement game that you can see at http://adventure-family.appspot.com.

The process of using the game is that you go to the website and fill out the form with the basic information of your current family members, the new baby information, and then save/send the link to your family and friends. They go to the link and are able to go around “helping” the family members accomplish certain tasks to slowly reveal that a new baby is on the way!

The information is saved to and loaded from a database, and injected into a Web Player instance of Unity. This showcases the interactivity possibilities of Unity on a web page, where you can have a really customizable form on a web page and use the information within the game instead of using the in-engine text and form controls which were inadequate for this project.

I modeled the house and characters using the assets in RPG Maker, then imported them into Unity. I used a pathfinding plugin since this was built in Unity 4, but there is a better pathfinding system built into Unity 5 so I would do that differently if I were to update this project. The database server has also been taken down so the save/load functionality does not work currently, but you can still play with the form and see different options and possibilities.

(C#, .NET, Web App) Story Playground

I worked with Steven Hansen and Porter Nielsen to create Story Playground, a website where you can upload your images, text, and audio to record your stories and send them to friends and family everywhere. Story Playground, created by our software development company Dragon Playground, LLC, makes it simple to create and share your family’s unique stories. All you need is your memory, some pictures, and the internet.

Here is a video showing one of the many examples of stories that have been made using this service:

I helped create this website using ASP.net MVC, jQuery, CSS, and C# back-end logic connecting to SQL Server through Linq to SQL. It is one of the projects that I have worked on that shows my work on Full-Stack development.

(C#, .NET) Pun Attack

This “Humor as a Service” website/application enables you to prank your friends by sending them puns in rapid succession.

We put the effort into creating these puns, and your friends will love and appreciate you, because EVERYBODY loves puns!

I am working with Steven Hansen to create this website, using ASP.net, MVC, C# server code, SQL Server database, jQuery, and CSS.